P314 Earlier Prehistory of Africa

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MSA Site Report

The goal of this assignment is to give each of you a chance to do a little research on one of the important MSA/MP sites in Africa. This report will be worth 15% of your grade.

Each of you will read about one site (or several small sites in a cluster, or one level within a large site, or one type of evidence within a large site), and summarize answers to several questions about that site in a short (3- 4 pp) report. Your report will be due right after Thanksgiving Break, by Thursday November 30, 5pm. If you work in a site team, you can collaborate for the report, but each student should write a separate component 3-4pp long.

Instead of turning in a paper version of your site report, I will ask you to turn it in to me electronically.


I will post your electronic site reports (anonymously!) on our class web page on Friday, so that everyone will have access to your reports by the end of that week.

Choose a region of Africa to "specialize" in, and pick one of the sites available from that region to report on. Some sites have a large volume of material, and will be assigned to several students, to "divide the labor" of reporting on different aspects of the site. If you work as a team I recommend that you combine your separate efforts into a joint (longer) site report, with each student writing a section 3-4 pages long on a particular topic or part of the site.

Note that 5-8 students will be reporting on each region. I recommend that each "regional research team" get together during regular class-time on November 14 or 16 and discuss what your sites have in common, and talk about how to interpret the evidence.

While our class will not meet during Thanksgiving week, I will be available to meet with any of you and help you during our regular class time and my regular office hours Nov 21.

If you missed class on Thursday November 9, you missed signing up for a site. The list of the available sites remaining to choose from can be found below. When you choose a site, contact other students in the class who have not signed up for sites to let them know which one you choose and to coordinate work with them. The sites will be first-come, first-served.

Site Report Questions

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