Anthropology P380:

Prehistoric Diet and Nutrition

Lecture Schedule

 I. Human Diet as Adaptation: biological factors influencing food choice
 Jan 13 - 15

A long-term perspective on human diet

 Jan 20-22
 Primates, taste, digestion and nutrition:
 Jan 27 - 29
 Too much of a good thing? Carbos, Fats and Proteins
Feb 3 - 17
Comparing foraging strategies of

human hunter-gatherers and chimpanzees.

Optimal Foraging Strategy theory.

II. Proto-Human Diet: Divergence from our primate heritage
 Feb 19 - 26
Introduction to the fossil record

including biomechanics, toothwear and bone chemistry

Mar 2 - March 11
Archaeological evidence for early hominid diet:
March 16 - 25
Changing diet patterns during Stone Age

III. Origins and Impact of Food Production
 Marh 30 - April 1
SAA meetings
 April 6 - 22
 From foraging to food production
April 27 - 29
Ancient beer & wine / final wrap up

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