professor of anthropology; indiana university, bloomington

Teaching Interests

The courses I teach stem directly from my research interests. In addition to teaching introductory courses such as "Human Origins and Prehistory" and "Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology" I regularly teach the survey course Earlier Prehistory of Africa which focuses on human evolution in Africa, integrating evidence from Stone Age archaeological sites with the human fossil record, and Prehistoric Diet and Nutrition which uses case studies from different periods and regions to explore the method and theory of reconstructing human diet. I have also offered specialized seminars directly related to my own research, such as "The Archaeology of Human Origins" and "Human Evolution and Environment in Africa."

In particular, to help students learn to think critically about how we know about the human past, I have developed instructional technology. Investigating Olduvai: Archaeology of Human Origins CD-ROM, published in 1996 by IU Press, is multimedia computer courseware and simulations designed to engage students of all levels directly in the detective work and problem-solving critical to the archaeology of human origins.

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