P200 Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology

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P200 Optional Project:

Puzzles in African Food Production

For this project you will explore archaeological evidence for the timing and geographical distribution of the development of food producing economies in Africa.

If you lose your 12 page handout, print out this PDF version of the complete workbook and assignment questions.

Introduction to TimeWeb

Professor Sept will demonstrate how the TimeWeb program works in the workshop, and will distribute a short "TimeWeb Jumpstart" sheet. Later, if you are working with TimeWeb on your own, and want a more extensive software reference, you can also view or print out the TimeWeb Tutorial in PDF format. (Clicking on the tutorial will open another web window... if nothing appears, hit the RELOAD button in the browser menu)

Using the tutorial we will first learn to use TimeWeb to:

Let's CONNECT TO TIMEWEB to begin!

Note: Since many students will be trying to start the program at the same time, it may take several minutes to connect. Be patient and start looking through the tutorial while you wait.

Here are links to three web-based resources you can use for this team project.





 Africa Info

basic background on African geography and climate,

reference information about domesticated plants and animals

plus links to other great websites about Africa

Prehistoric Puzzles

a gateway to learning modules on African Archaeology:




a tool for exploring the time and space dimensions of our

African Archaeology Database

sad note:

TimeWeb will currently run ONLY on campus Windows NT clusters, and runs best on Internet Explorer

African Fat-Tailed Sheep

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