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Short-term Faculty-led Programs

In 1929 the School of Music established a six-week Summer School in Munich for which students received 7 ½ credits in music, art and languages (and for the latter they had to be examined by the art faculty and language departments at IU upon their return).

A decade later, in 1939, the School of Education created a summer program in Mexico, with credit toward student degrees. The focus on Mexico continued with a 1952 Department of Spanish and Portuguese summer program in Mexico City for Spanish majors with arranged home stays. Around the same time period, a consortium emerged, entitled the Indiana Intercollegiate Study Projects, which ran from 1954-1969. It involved 15 colleges and universities in Indiana that set up summer programs for its students in Mexico, England, France and Spain. The academic fields included in the UK program included Business administration, English, History, Journalism, Political Science, Sociology, and Theatre.

The chair of Slavic Languages and Literatures took the first Russian Language Study Tour for undergraduate students to the USSR in the summer of 1959 with special funding from the Carnegie Corporation. 

I gained an enhanced view of the world. I was forced to look at American problems from an international perspective.”

-Kyra Busch, IU Overseas Study Participant, Thailand