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Non-IU Procedures

If you decide to participate in a non-IU program, your main source of guidance about program content will be the provider of the program. However, it is critical that you follow each of these steps sequentially in order to ensure a successful experience including the program as part of your IU degree requirements.

  1. Research Your Program Options
    Follow these suggestions in order to explore and narrow down your options and identify the right program for your situation. Read more >>
  2. Arrange for Credit to Transfer
    Researching the type of credit you can earn for your program abroad requires a number of critical steps, including the submission of documentation to the IU Office of International Admissions. Read more >>
  3. Apply to the Program
    Once you know you can earn credit for the program you have chosen, you should apply to the program. Consult advisors at Overseas Study for institutional approval of your application. Read more >>
  4. Arrange to Use Scholarships, Grants and Loans
    You may only take IU loans, grants or scholarships on your program abroad if you fulfill the eligibility requirements. You should verify your financial aid portability before committing to a program. Read more >>
  5. Complete the Notification of Acceptance
    Once you have been accepted to a program, you should complete this electronic notification of acceptance form. This will allow you to remain registered at IU during your absence. Read more >>
  6. Prepare for Departure
    Prepare for your program abroad by registering at IU (when you are authorized by Overseas Study to do so), reading the on-line handbook and attending orientation. Read more >>
  7. Study Abroad
    Read the electronic newsletters from Overseas Study while you are abroad and arrange for your transcript to be sent to International Admissions. Read more >>
  8. Follow the Post-Program Procedures
    Bring all material related to your course work abroad back to campus and follow these procedures so that you can receive credit towards your IU degree. Read more >>

Download a two-page handout summarizing Non-IU application procedures.

Click here to send an inquiry through the IU Overseas Study online portal. You will be asked to login to IU’s Central Authentication Service (CAS).

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