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Arrange to Use Scholarships, Grants and Loans

Program fee payment will be arranged by your program provider.

If you have or will have IU financial assistance (scholarships, loans, grants, etc), read the Financial Aid sheet. If you have questions about what financial aid you receive, you can verify your award status in One.IU. Students who wish to use financial aid other than scholarships to study abroad will need to complete an additional online application by November 15 for spring and May 1 for fall or academic year programs.

Note that not all financial aid may be available for use on a non-IU program. Students should verify the transferability of specific scholarships and loans with the financial aid office. Click here for a list of financial aid exceptions.

Should your program have financial forms to be signed, Overseas Study can complete these forms for you. You will need to verify that you qualify to use your aid on a non-IU program first.

If you plan to apply for summer financial aid, you must also complete a summer aid application with the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

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