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Follow the Post-Program Procedures

Credit Transfer Approval

If you had a CTA approved before program participation and there were no changes in your original course schedule, you can assume that your courses will be transferred as agreed when the official transcript arrives at International Admissions. Please note that International Admissions reserves the right to reassess the credit hours if the actual program dates differ from those listed on the program literature (15-16 weeks constitutes a full semester. Note that quarter credits X 2/3 = semester credits.)

Courses on Non-IU programs are reported by the Office of International Admissions with IUB course titles and numbers when possible.  Most courses will initially transfer back as undistributed 100-level credit (DEPT-UN 100).  You can consult the Credit Transfer Service (CTS) to see if a course has already been evaluated by an IU department.  If you need a course from your program to complete requirements such as 300/400 level hours, major/minor, or general education requirements, you will need to have your coursework evaluated by the relevant IU academic department or school.

If you are in the College of Arts and Sciences or if you are in another school but working on a minor or other credit in the College, contact the advisors in the relevant department(s) to ask about having a course equated. You will need to provide them with course syllabi, reading lists and papers or exams you completed. They will then consider approving a match with courses in your major/minor area at the general 300-400 level*. Advisors should complete the Overseas Study online course approval form: Course Approval Form, authorizing the change from undistributed -UN 100 credit.

If you are not in the College of Arts and Sciences and are not working on a minor or certificate in the College, you will need to contact your advisor in your own school. Once you provide him/her with course syllabi, reading lists and papers or exams you completed, a determination may be made regarding satisfying requirements in your own school.

If you did not have a CTA approved before you left, you can follow the post-program procedures outlined above (depending on which school you are currently enrolled in). For courses not addressed by course approval memos, you can assume that if the transcript is approved by IU you will receive undistributed elective credit for those classes. Undistributed credit can be applied toward graduation and in certain cases can be used to fulfill distributional requirements. It does not automatically count in the major or for 300/400 level requirements.

*For CASE culture studies requirements you will need to complete a petition form and submit materials to the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Assistant Dean's Office, Owen Hall.

+For General Education distribution requirements you may complete a petition form and submit materials to the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Maxwell Hall 100. This option is only available to students who have previously sought departmental approval through the process outlined above and have been denied.

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