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At Indiana University, members of the faculty and administration play central roles in the work of the Office of Overseas Study and serve as key advisors, allies and advocates for individual students and for study abroad activities.

All study abroad program development is facilitated and vetted through a process administered by the Office of Overseas Study. Organizers work with staff in Overseas Study to design programs that meet institutional standards for academic quality and to have sound practical preparation for logistical, health, safety and security measures. Proposals are developed employing a set of guidelines and are evaluated by members of the IU Overseas Study Advisory Council

Study abroad is an integral component of the IU academic experience.  Departmental academic advisors work closely with students and Overseas Study staff to help identify programs that best meet academic needs. Program information and resource materials facilitate this work.  Institutional policies permit IU faculty to evaluate foreign course descriptions and syllabi and to determine departmental course equivalencies for courses taken abroad.

Overseas Study provides a wide range of resources to facilitate access to information about policies and programming.  We publish and distribute materials on academic policies and safety and responsibility guidelines. Special handbooks are available for programs operating at the school, department or unit level.  We can arrange for outreach in the form of presentations or printed materials.

I had never been to Europe before so everything was new to me. You can only read so much about the culture and the country, you just have to experience it.”

-Frank Klensch, IU Overseas Study Participant, Germany

Program Development

Professor Pace with students at a museum in Paris

"I love teaching, and I love Paris. And for years I dreamed of bringing the two together in a course on the city's great 19th century flowering, taught in Paris itself. In the summer of 2008 I at last realized my dream."
David Pace, Professor of History

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