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Student Profiles

Overseas Study Program

Milan,  Italy

Love every minute, push yourself outside your comfort zone and if you have money left over, you should have done more!”

Cassandra Ehrhart

Major: Journalism

Term abroad: Spring 2013

Reason you chose this program: I really wanted to go to Italy and this program fit perfectly with what I was looking for.

Favorite classes: My favorite class was Renaissance Art History.

Housing situation: I lived in apartments with other U.S. study abroad students. 

Best memory: Hiking through Cinque Terre. It was the most beautiful place I have ever been! 

Greatest challenge: Not knowing the Italian language and independently living in Milan the first few weeks. 

Greatest surprise: How easily I picked up basic communication with other Italians and how helpful people were. 

What I wish I knew before I left: Medicine in the U.S. is MUCH stronger than medicine in Europe! 

What I didn’t know that I know now: All cultures are very different, especially in Europe with such deep history. Despite that, its really quite beautiful how people recognize other cultures and work harmoniously together. 

If I could do it over, I would... have gone skydiving while in Switzerland.