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Gender Issues

Both male and female students abroad will discover that growing up in the United States has prepared them for different roles in society than the ones their contemporaries in other countries expect. Since you will be viewed according to the gender expectations of the host culture, you may feel uncomfortable at times. This is particularly true for female students who may find themselves the targets of unwanted attention.

Try to understand the role of the sexes in the culture to which you are traveling. What may be appropriate and friendly behavior in the U.S. may bring you unwanted attention in another culture.

You may find the following resources useful:

Culture Shock
The Culture Shock series of books is useful to aid in understanding gender issues in your host country. The books are available for many destinations at bookstores such as Borders and Barnes and Noble.

Her Own Way: Advice for the Woman Traveller
The Canadian Consular Affairs Bureau provides information about security, packing, culture shock and more in this article for women travelers.

An on-line travel resource for women.

Sexual Assault Support & Help for Americans Abroad offers resources to assista American citizens and leagl permanent residents who are sexually assaulted in a foreign country.

Sexual Harassment And Prevention In College Students Studying Abroad
The SAFETI On-Line Newsletter addresses issues of safety in study abroad. This article explores how women can minimize their risk of being sexually harassed while traveling abroad.

Women Abroad
Safety tips, student comments, and other resources from University of Michigan's International Center.

Women Travelers
Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) lists a number of tips for women travelers. The FCO is the department of the British Government responsible for overseas relations and foreign affairs.

Women: What You Need to Know Abroad
This essay, published by CIEE in pamphlet form through their Knowledge Series, is an overview of how women can anticipate issues that may impact them abroad, including how to be informed and how to deal with unwanted attention.

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