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Delegation of Jewish American Students
The Delegation of Jewish American Students (DoJAS) works with young Jewish leaders across the globe to connect students from the United States to their international peers.  By offering social connections, grant funding, and enrichment opportunities to students studying and traveling abroad, DoJAS hopes to create lasting connections that will make a solid impact on the global discussion of Jewish identity.

The Jewish Agency for Israel
Sponsored by The Pedagogic Center within The Department for Jewish Zionist Education in Jerusalem, this site contains information about Jewish resources, communities, and history in countries around the world.

Orthodox Union
The Orthodox Union includes "Judaism 101" and a search engine for finding Orthodox synagogues around the world.

Originating at Hebrew College Online, Shamash describes itself as "the oldest and best known Jewishly oriented service accessible through the Internet. Shamash serves the full spectrum of Jewish religious, educations, cultural, communal, and social service organizations interested in utilizing new electronic technologies to share information and deliver services to the Jewish community worldwide."

The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
Frequently asked questions and a synagogue finder for North America.

It is vital that IU train students for our country’s growing international responsibilities.”

-Edward L. Hutton, IU Alumnus and Benefactor