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Articles for Parents

Articles and pamphlets of primary interest to parents and loved ones of prospective and participating students are linked below.

Getting Ahead by Going Abroad: How Study Abroad Contributes to Career Development
In today’s global marketplace, college graduates need more than just a degree. They need career connections, a dedication to learning practical and applicable skills during college, and the ability to articulate their experiences.

Many IU students experience study abroad
IU's commitment to international education and the growth of study abroad opportunities for undergraduate students.

A Parent's Guide to Overseas Study
This article gives parents some good pointers about how best to support their students who are thinking of studying abroad.

As more young people study abroad, their visiting parents get their own worldly education
Parents who are contemplating visiting their students on-site should consider a few different approaches to get the most out of their travel experience with their sons or daughters abroad.

A Year Abroad: A Commitment Worth Making
Parents should consider how an academic year abroad can be beneficial to their son or daughter, rather than a semester or shorter time period abroad.  It can also prove to be more economical.

Interning Abroad Provides Real World Experience
Internships and study abroad can be major growth experiences in the lives of any student. When they happen together—an internship abroad—they can be even more impactful.

Recommendations from a Study Abroad Parent
Kathleen Sideli, Associate Vice President for Overseas Study, comments on what she learned when her own daughter participated in a study abroad program.

Return: Readying to Re-enter, Reinvented
This essay, published by CIEE in pamphlet form through their Knowledge Series, is an overview of how students can best prepare to return to the U.S., building upon their experiences abroad while also planning for the next phase of life which might include more travel.

I want to thank you for providing my daughter, Callie, with such a wonderful experience. She loved all of it. I know these past four months will have an impact on her life for a very long time.

-Blair Garceau, Parent of IU Overseas Study Student, Dominican Republic