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Program Access

IU encourages students to select programs abroad from a wide range of available options. These include programs that grant direct IU credit such as 1) programs administered by IU, either through the Office of Overseas Study or autonomously through another IU division or campus and 2) programs co-sponsored by IU through a provider or institution. Students also have the option of participating in external programs, including Affiliated and AESOP programs, for which they can earn transfer credit as long as the program or institution provides a transcript from an accredited institution. Institutional, federal and some state financial aid can be used across this broad range of programs, depending on academic rationale, student eligibility and parameters set by various grantors.

See also: Program Approvals, Financial Arrangements for Students, Program Familiarization and Evaluation Trips, Governance Activities, Recruiting Policies and Procedures

Our daily lives are so different from people across the globe. To learn about how other people live their lives, it makes you think about how you want to live your life. It’s character building.”

-Maggie Brinley, IU Overseas Study Participant, Spain