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Program Approvals

The president of Indiana University, through the Vice President for International Affairs, appoints a faculty council (Overseas Study Advisory Council—OSAC) charged with evaluating and approving all administered, autonomous or co-sponsored programs through a highly structured proposal process. The Council’s approval procedures provide consistency to the process of granting credit and ensure that overseas activities adhere to IU’s high academic standards. They also help safeguard the health and safety of all IU participants. OSAC meets as a group on a consistent basis and has a number of active subcommittees.

When OSAC considers proposals that incorporate a formalized relationship with a provider or institution, deciding factors include a set of criteria: the reputation of the organizing agency or institution, the perceived quality of the program and its high academic standards which must be in consonance with IU’s other administered and co-sponsored programs and the perceived demand for the program which should satisfy an important niche in the IU portfolio (i.e., a certain program model, a curricular design, a geographic priority, etc.).

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Our daily lives are so different from people across the globe. To learn about how other people live their lives, it makes you think about how you want to live your life. It’s character building.”

-Maggie Brinley, IU Overseas Study Participant, Spain