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Governance Activities

IU staff and faculty are often invited to share their expertise with a range of providers and organizations through advisory, academic or fiduciary boards related to international education. In all cases, the position is considered one of professional service to the field. Sometimes the agency or organization covers travel, meal and lodging costs related to meetings or required conference attendance but no other remuneration is involved. Since OSAC is responsible for program approvals, such activities do not influence the selection of programs. By this type of involvement in governance activities, IU is able to shape best practices of the field as well as contribute to the development of new programs as well as oversee the evaluation of ongoing ones. IU staff and faculty strictly adhere to IU Conflict of Interest policies while participating in such governance activities.

See also: Program Access, Program Approvals, Financial Arrangements from Providers for Students, Program Familiarizationand Evaluation Trips, Recruiting Policies and Procedures

Our daily lives are so different from people across the globe. To learn about how other people live their lives, it makes you think about how you want to live your life. It’s character building.”

-Maggie Brinley, IU Overseas Study Participant, Spain