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Welcome back from your time abroad!  We hope you had an eye-opening experience that will continue to impact your life.  Overseas Study offers you a number of ways to build on your time abroad so please stay in touch with us until you graduate and beyond. 

Once you have returned from your program, Overseas Study will invite you to complete an online evaluation about your experience. Completing the evaluation will help future participants.

Grades and Course Equivalency Petitions

We know you will be anxious to get your grades from abroad but they take time to process, depending on your program situation. Inform yourself about this process. You may find that you will need to petition for specific course equivalencies.

Resources for Transitioning Back to Campus—Or Going Abroad Again

As you make the transition back to campus, avail yourself of the opportunities Overseas Study offers to you. These include resources about staying connected abroad as well as ideas for getting abroad again. Build on your experience through a re-entry workshop or a class. Help future participants by being a contact for them. Share your photos by participating in the Overseas Study photo contest. Be a panelist at orientation meetings. In these and other ways you can make your program an active part of your current life.

It is hard to overstate the influence this travel has had on me, on who I am today. It has shaped my world view, what I find interesting, and what I think about.”

-Dionissi Aliprantis, IU Overseas Study Participant, Greece

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