Welcome to Oxfam Club at IU!

Oxfam Club at Indiana University is a student organization affiliated with Oxfam America, an international relief organization focused on finding lasting solutions to global poverty, hunger, and injustice. As an affiliate, we work towards those goals by hosting awareness raising events, fundraising, volunteering, and learning from each other.
Oxfam Club at IU aims to educate and mobilize a community of global citizens who come together for personal growth and engaging discourse about issues concerning hunger, poverty and social injustice. We aspire to bridge global values and local action in order to promote the mission and vision of Oxfam America and our “Oxfamily."
Join Us
Are you interested in humanitarian relief efforts, the preservation of human rights, environmental activism, and the the global food system? Would you like to have an impact on poverty worldwide? Come out to our meetings and learn about what kind of impacts you can have in Bloomington, and helping raise awareness by hosting different events.
Upcoming Event: OxJam
Date: Friday, April 17th, at 6:30PM...Location: The Pour House Cafe

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