Schedule of Classes
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Week of Monday Wednesday Friday
August 30 Introduction Western Patterns of Thought Before Philosophy in China
September 6 Confucianism, the Ru, and the Analects Confucius on Moral Perfection Ritual and Man's Social Nature
September 13 Heaven in the Analects History and Timeliness in the Analects The Significance of Disciples
September 20  Mohism: Doctrine and Argumentation

  The Significance of Standards in Mohism

 Mohist Logic and Theory of Language
September 27 Mohism's Attack on the Ru Mencius's Career & Anti-Mohism The Source of Virtue in Mencius
October 4 Mencius on Human Nature as Good Mencius on the Meaning of History Mencius on Fate as Moral Opportunity 
October 11  Midterm Exam Daoism: Laozi and the Dao de jing   The Paradox of the Dao de jing 
October 18 Zhuangzi's Daoist Imagination Zhuangzi: Language and Experience  Zhuangzi: Philosophy and Skill
October 25 Zhuangzi on Sagehood and Social Life Zhuangzi on Life and Death "The Inner Enterprise"  
November 1 Naturalism Legalism No class
November 8 Han Feizi's Legalism and "Huang-Lao" Xunzi on Study Xunzi on the Mind
November 15 Xunzi on Heaven Xunzi on Ritual  Xunzi: Our Bad Nature as Promise
November 22 Xunzi on Man and the Cosmos Thanksgiving Break
November 29 The Great Learning The Doctrine of the Mean I The Doctrine of the Mean II
December 6 The Yi jing The Spring & Autumn Annals Review

Final Exam: Monday, December 13, 2:45-4:45, Sycamore Hall 200