Unit 1: Approaches to the Study of Learning May 13
Unit 2: Behaviorism May 15 and May 20
Unit 3: Cognitive Information Processing May 22 and May 27
Unit 4: Meaningful Reception Learning & Schema Theory May 29 and June 3
Unit 5: Cognitive Development Theories June 5 and June 10
Unit 6: Constructivism June 12 and June 17

Culminating Review Experience and Final Projects

June 19

Each unit page has four sections:

Readings. You will find the text chapters and any supplemental readings assigned for the unit listed here.

Instructor notes. For each unit, I'll offer you my ideas about important points, try to explain difficult concepts, or provide supplementary material. You'll probably want to review these notes before, during, and after your reading of the assigned chapter(s).

Learning activities/assignments. These activities are designed to help you understand and apply the concepts and theories across the units. Detailed descriptions are available at these links.

Web Resources. The Web is, of course, a vast source of information about learning and cognition, as well as almost anything else you can imagine. I have provided some Web-based resources for many of the topics we'll cover in this course. With a little exploration on your own, you may be able to find many other relevant Web sites. Of course, since no one "owns" the Web, Web-based materials come with no guarantee as to their quality or authenticity. Always consider and evaluate the source.

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