Auditory Perception Lab

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Welcome to the Auditory Perception Lab in the Dept. of Speech and Hearing Sciences at Indiana University. Our lab studies the mechanisms responsible for human auditory perception. We also explore the consequences of cochlear hearing loss on the perception of sounds. In this vein, we investigate how these changes in the cochlea influence the internal representation of sound.

At present our research focus includes masking by harmonic tones, spectral-shape discrimination, sound identification, and temporal resolution experiments. We use masking experiments to further our understanding of how phase changes in the cochlea can be used by the ear to facilitate detection of signals. Recent experiments have focused on applying cochlear models to further our understanding of masking data in both normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners. Our spectral-shape discrimination and identification experiments are used to elucidate decision processess used by normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners for the perception of complex sounds. As with the masking experiments, we apply cochlear and psychophysical models to further our understanding of the underlying auditory processing. We also use these types of experiments in sound-segregation paradigms in an effort to explore central auditory processes.



Lab Photo

Auditory perception lab students are pictured with Dr. Jennifer Lentz (PI).

Jenny's Birthday Dinner

The lab members celebrated Dr. Lentz' birthday at the Owlery.

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