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Auditory Perception Lab
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Melissa A. Papesh, B.A.


2004-present PhD Student

Hearing Sciences and Neuroscience

Indiana University
2004 BA Cognitive Science Program
Indiana University


My research interests include Auditory perception,Physiology and Psychophysics of Noise-Induced Tinnitus

Conference Presentations

Woods, Melissa A. and Lentz, Jennifer J. (2006). “Phase effects on masking period patterns of normal and hearing impaired listeners: influence of stimulus presentation level.” International Hearing Aid Conference

Grants and Scholarships

International Hearing Aid Conference Studentship Award (2006)
College of Arts and Sciences Student Travel Award (2006)
Lion McKinney Research Assistance Grant (2006)

Teaching Assistanship

2006, fall: Born to be a Genius
Dr. Julien Musolino

2007, spring: Read My Lips!
Dr. Jennifer J. Lentz

Research Assistantship

2005-2006: Auditory Perception Lab
Dr. Jennifer J. Lentz





Melissa A. Papesh
Dept. of Speech and Hearing Sciences
Room C112