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Annual Conference


Ashley Callahan

Ashley Callahan photo
IU, Web Developer
arc2[at]iu [dot] edu

Ashley specializes in front-end and user interface web development. In layman’s terms, that means she is the person who turns designs into actual functioning websites. She is passionate about responsive web development and mobile optimization, accessibility, and usability. She loves scripting animated page elements (sliders, toggles, carousels, and accordions), mostly because she gets to play with them when she's done. She is fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. And she is a stickler for detail, which makes her our go-to person for pre-launch quality assurance testing.

Since graduating from IU with a bachelor’s degree in communications, Ashley has spent most of her professional career at Indiana University, working with the Kelley School of Business and the School of Informatics and Computing as well as IU Communications.

She shares a home with two mischievous dogs (and one well-behaved husband). She enjoys reading, crocheting, theatre, cooking, and watching awful, trainwrecky television shows like Hoarders and Teen Mom. Don't judge.

Session title: "To Infinity … and Beyond: Mobile at IU"

For more information about this session, see the program.