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Greg Polit

Greg Polit photo
Director, Informational and Emerging Technologies, PAGR
gpolit[at]iu [dot] edu

Greg Polit joined Public Affairs and Government Relations in 2000. He worked as a systems administrator, Web developer, and Web application developer, and now manages PAGR’s Informational and Emerging Technologies unit.

He is currently overseeing the implementation of IU’s enterprise Digital Asset Management and Digital Signage systems. He is also a system manager responsible for implementation of IU’s lifetime communications initiative (CRM) for IU’s administrative units. He has been part of the selection committee for IU’s enterprise Web content management system, and has since helped introduce a number of WCMS-powered websites including IU’s Academic Bulletins project that allows bulletin course descriptions to be published within the Web and PDF versions of the bulletin on departmental websites and exported to PeopleSoft to be included in the Student Planner. He partnered with UITS on IU’s iPhone application development and is currently jointly exploring iPad applications including digital publishing.

Polit has presented at industry conferences, including HighEdWebDev and the Statewide IT conference. He graduated from IU with a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems and a Master of Science in Information Systems.

Session title: “New Tools for IU Marketing and Communications Professionals"
For more information about this session, see the program.

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