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Indiana University

Annual Conference


Andrea Anderson photo
Andrea Anderson
Director of External Affairs and Special Projects, IUPUI Division of Student Life
aeickhof[at]iupui [dot] edu
John S. Applegate photo
John S. Applegate
Executive Vice President, University Regional Affairs, Planning, and Policy
jsapple[at]iu [dot] edu
Emily Arth photo
Emily Arth
Associate Director, First Year Experience Programs; Coordinator, Hoosier Link
enarth[at]indiana [dot] edu
Sherrie Austin photo
Sherrie Austin
Alain Barker photo
Alain Barker
Director, Marketing and Publicity, Jacobs School of Music
abarker[at]indiana [dot] edu
Barbara Bichelmeyer, Ph.D. photo
Barbara Bichelmeyer, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for University Academic Planning and Policy; Director, Office of Online Education
bic[at]iu [dot] edu
Ashley Callahan photo
Ashley Callahan
UI, Web Developer
arc2[at]iu [dot] edu
Hannah H. Carroll photo
Hannah H. Carroll
Web Content Specialist, IU Alumni Association, IU Foundation
hbhc[at]iu [dot] edu
Zach Collier photo
Zach Collier
zcollier[at]indiana [dot] edu
John Dalton photo
John Dalton
Director, Communications and Marketing, IU East
jodalton[at]iu [dot] edu
Joshua Dodson photo
Joshua Dodson
Web Analytics Instructor, Higher Ed Experts
joshua[at]higheredexperts [dot] com
Brooke Feldman photo
Brooke Feldman
Marketing Assistant Coordinator, Jacobs School of Music
brfeldma[at]indiana [dot] edu
Debbi Fletcher photo
Debbi Fletcher
Director of Emergency Management and Continuity, IU Bloomington
dpfletch[at]iu [dot] edu
Carlos Garcia photo
Carlos Garcia
Director Emergency Management and Continuity, IUPUI
caegarci[at]iupui [dot] edu
Kathy Gerdink photo
Kathy Gerdink
Manager, Lifetime Engagement Service Center, IU Communications
kgerdink[at]iu [dot] edu
Jeff Jacob photo
Jeff Jacob
Team Building Facilitator/Songwriter
jeff.jacob2[at]gmail [dot] com
Nathaniel Johnson photo
Nathaniel Johnson
natjohns[at]iu [dot] edu
Mark Land photo
Mark Land
Associate Vice President, IU Communications
mdland[at]iu [dot] edu
Mike Leonard photo
Mike Leonard
The Herald-Times, IU beat reporter
mleonard[at]heraldt [dot] com
Diane Mack photo
Diane Mack
University Director of Emergency Management and Continuity
dimack[at]indiana [dot] edu
Chase McCoy photo
Chase McCoy
Senior Assistant Director, IU Admissions
chamccoy[at]indiana [dot] edu
Bob Molnar photo
Bob Molnar
Web Production Manager, Informational and Emerging Technologies
rmolnar[at]iu [dot] edu
Amber Page photo
Amber Page
Content Specialist, Office of Creative Services, IU Communications
ambpage[at]indiana [dot] edu
Valerie Peña photo
Valerie Peña
Associate Vice President, Branding and Marketing, and Chief of Staff
vpena[at]indiana [dot] edu
Ryan Piurek photo
Ryan Piurek
Director, News and Media, IU Communications, Bloomington Office
rpiurek[at]iu [dot] edu
Marie Radel photo
Marie Radel
Director, Media and Marketing, IU Kokomo
meradel[at]iuk [dot] edu
Joe Romero photo
Joe Romero
Regional Campus Director, Emergency Management and Continuity
jomromer[at]iu [dot] edu
Charles Rondot photo
Charles Rondot
Director, Marketing and Communications, IU School of Public Health-Bloomington
crondot[at]indiana [dot] edu
Rebecca Salerno photo
Rebecca Salerno
Director, Creative Services
resalern[at]iu [dot] edu
Patrick Sanaghan, Ed.D. photo
Patrick Sanaghan, Ed.D.
President, The Sanaghan Group
sanaghan[at]aol [dot] com
Beth Smith photo
Beth Smith
Director, Branding and Marketing Initiatives, School of Education
betsmith[at]indiana [dot] edu
Margie Smith-Simmons photo
Margie Smith-Simmons
Director, News and Media, IU Communications, Indianapolis Office
smithsim[at]iu [dot] edu
William Stephan photo
William Stephan
Vice President for Engagement, Office of the Vice President for Engagement
wstephan[at]indiana [dot] edu
Kyle Stokes photo
Kyle Stokes
StateImpact Indiana, education reporter, WFIU/WTIU/NPR
Kenneth Turchi photo
Kenneth Turchi
Assistant Dean, Communications and Marketing, IU Maurer School of Law
kturchi[at]indiana [dot] edu
Stephanie Wang photo
Stephanie Wang
The Indianapolis Star, higher education reporter
Susan Williams photo
Susan Williams
Director Emergency Communications Services and Public Information Officer
sulwilli[at]iu [dot] edu