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IU Paleontology Collection People

Bormet, Allison akbormet@indiana.edu Affiliated Graduate Student

Vertebrate paleontology; Artiodactyla; functional evolution of limb morphology; Cenozoic environmental change.

Bykowski, Richard J. D. rbykowsk@indiana.edu Affiliated Graduate Student

Vertebrate paleontology; Dinosauria; ecometrics and Mesozoic terrestrial vertebrate communities.

Dilcher, David L. dilcher@indiana.edu Affiliated Emeritus Faculty/Scientist

Paleobotany; evolution of flowering plants; plant-animal coevolution.

Dodd, J. Robert dodd@indiana.edu Affiliated Emeritus Faculty/Scientist

Paleoecology and sedimentology of Neogene strata; Modern, Cenozoic, and Paleozoic tropical carbonate reef systems.

Elswick, Erika eelswick@indiana.edu Affiliated Faculty/Scientist

Stable isotope geochemsitry; paleoenvironments; microbial activity and rock-water interactions.

Farrugia, Paul pfarrugi@indiana.edu Affiliated Graduate Student

Paleoanthropology; evolution of hominins in East Africa; Pleistocene reptiles.

Green, Robin M. robigree@indiana.edu Affiliated Graduate Student

Marine paleoenvironments; corals and ostracodes.

Grossnickle, David davegrossnickle@yahoo.com Affiliated Graduate Student

Vertebrate paleontology; Mesozoic mammals; evolution and diversification of mammals in response to changing environments.

Hattin, Donald hattin@indiana.edu Affiliated Emeritus Faculty/Scientist

Paleoecology of Upper Cretaceous benthic organisms; Cretaceous stratigraphy of the Western Interior Basin.

Hensley-Marschand, Blaire bahensle@indiana.edu Affiliated Graduate Student

Paleoanthropology and archaeology; Pleistocene mammals; Homo erectus in Asia.

Johnson, Claudia C. claudia@indiana.edu Faculty Research Curator

Paleoecology of tropical reef systems; Anthozoa and Mollusca; global change and marine ecosystems.

Kauffman, Erle kauffman@indiana.edu Affiliated Emeritus Faculty/Scientist

Cretaceous environments and ecosystems; Bivalvia and Ammonoidea; high-resolution biostratigraphy.

Kirchner-Smith, Mackenzie makirchn@indiana.edu Affiliated Undergraduate Student

Vertebrate paleontology; evolution and functional morphology of birds.

Massa, Corbin ccmassa@indiana.edu Affiliated Undergraduate Student

Paleontology and geology; vertebrate evolution.

Njau, Jackson K. jknjau@indiana.edu Faculty Research Curator

Paleoanthropology of East Africa; Pleistocene human and vertebrate interactions; paleontology and geology of Olduvai Gorge.

Nold, Katie knold@indiana.edu Affiliated Graduate Student

Geoarchaeology; Caribbean archaeology and environments; human-environmental interactions.

Polly, P. David pdpolly@indiana.edu Faculty Research Curator

Vertebrate paleontology; phylogenetics and functional morphology of mammals; quantitative evolution; ecometrics and responses of vertebrate communities to environmental and climatic change.

Rexroad, Carl B. crexroad@indiana.edu Affiliated Emeritus Faculty/Scientist

Biostratigraphy; conodont paleontology; karst geology; fossils.

Schultz, Emily easchult@imail.iu.edu Affiliated Undergraduate Student

Coral diversity and responses of marine communities to climate change.

Smith, Michael micrsmit@indiana.edu Affiliated Graduate Student

Vertebrate paleontology; Pleistocene mammals and climate change.

Steinmetz, John C. jsteinm@indiana.edu Affiliated Faculty/Scientist

Indiana geology; micropaleontology; biostratigraphy.

Vermillion, Wesley wvermill@umail.iu.edu Affiliated Graduate Student

Vertebrate paleontology; Cenozoic turtles; reptiles and environmental change.