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Module Navigation Guide

How do I pause and restart?

Use the Play/Pause button to start and stop the presentation as desired. Note that if the presentation has been paused, jumping to a new slide (using the left-side thumbnails or the arrows in the control bar below) will cause narration to resume.

How can I jump to another slide?

Click on any of the slides in the left-hand column to jump straight to that slide in the main presentation window. If the presentation is currently playing, play should resume from the beginning of the newly selected slide.

Can I speed up the transitions?

Clicking the center presentation area will jump ahead to the next transition or animation within a slide. If the slide is finished, clicking this area will result in jumping to the next slide. Audio that is associated with certain transitions will also jump forward.

How can I skip through slides?

The arrow buttons next to the Play/Pause button allow you to jump one full slide ahead or back at any time. Note that these buttons will skip through any transitions within a single slide and begin at the next full slide in either direction.

Can I get rid of the menus?

The button in the lower right-hand corner allows you to toggle between several views, including the default view (with slide thumbnails on the left), a view with no thumbs, and a slightly enlarged view that eliminates the title bar.

How do I search for text?

The magnifying glass tab in the upper left corner (above the list of slide thumbnails) is a search tab. Click it if you would like to search for certain terms throughout the presentation.

Where did my slide menu go?

The second tab in the same row (with a box-shaped icon) will retrieve the list of slide thumbnails if you navigate away from it (for example, to perform a search).

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