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About PBIS Indiana

The PBIS Indiana Resource Center is a statewide network of culturally responsive positive behavioral interventions and supports that infuses culturally responsive practice into the evidence-based PBIS framework.

The resource center works with emerging model sites and school districts addressing issues of disproportionality, as well as providing on-site and web-based professional development opportunities throughout the state.

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PBIS Indiana Newsletters!

PBIS Indiana is pleased to announce its new effort to publish resources through online newsletters aimed at building principals and their leadership teams implementing PBIS. The newsletters are developed with the support of our PBIS trainers that have both knowledge and experience across the state working with 18 school corporations and over 100 schools implementing PBIS. The newsletters are committed to providing examples from the field that demonstrate the creativity and dedication of school corporations across the state of Indiana implementing culturally responsive PBIS in their schools. Newsletters will be published on a quarterly basis and available online at our PBIS Indiana website (http://www.indiana.edu/~pbisin/about/).

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