Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

PBIS Indiana Classroom Management Series

The PBIS Indiana Classroom Management Series is a professional development resource for PreK-12 educators.  The series is aligned with the ten classroom management practices from the Self-Assessment of Classroom Management (SACM).  The PBIS Classroom Management Series can be used in conjunction with the SACM or as a stand-alone professional development experience. 

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Each program takes around ten minutes to complete.  The programs include interactive, non-graded, quiz questions to assure understanding. Each program prompts participants to action plan around the presented material.  The modules in the series can be viewed in any order.

Module 1&2 correspond to the topics addressed in SACM Practice 1 and 2. 
Module 4a and Module 4b correspond to the topics in SACM Practice 4.

PBIS Classroom Management Series Module
Corresponding SACM Classroom Management Practice

Module 1&2: Maximize Structure and Predictability in the Classroom

Module 3: Managing Behavior Through Effective Instructional Delivery

Module 4a: Actively Engage Students in Observable ways

Module 4b: Providing Opportunities for Meaningful Participation and Observing Behaviors that Reflect Engagement

Module 5: Evaluate Instruction

Module 6: Maximizing Positive Interactions

Module 7: Use a Continuum of Strategies to Acknowledge Appropriate Behavior

Module 8: Establish a Continuum of Strategies to Respond to Rule Violations

Module 9:  Developing Caring and Supportive Relationships

Module 10:Teaching Responsibility by Providing Opportunities to Contribute

SACM Practice 1 and Practice 2

SACM Practice 3

SACM Practice 4

SACM Practice 4

SACM Practice 5

SACM Practice 6

SACM Practice 7

SACM Practice 8

SACM Practice 9

SACM Practice 10