Getting Started with PBIS Indiana


District and building administrators review initial information.

a. What is PBIS?

b. Video Overview: Creating the Culture


District and building leaders review district and school commitments
and readiness tasks (see steps #4 and #5) that are important to successful implementation.



Register your initial district planning team for the next available PBIS Administrator Overview.

a. The initial district planning team should consist of superintendent and or assistant superintendent,
curriculum director, special education director, and interested school principals.

b. The Administrator Overview is a half-day session where district leaders are engaged in an
overview of PBIS, including commitments and readiness.


District Leaders complete District Team Checklist, District Profile - Data Audit,
District Action Plan, and Initiatives Audit. Submit completed district documents
along with a list of schools that are ready to move forward to
Sarah Perfetti (sperfett@indiana.edu) at PBIS Indiana.

a. Review with interested Principals the School Readiness Documents and School Data Audit.

b. Consider upcoming changes within the corporation, including existing and upcoming initiatives, personnel, redistricting, funds for staff release time, construction, etc.

Principals complete School Readiness Checklist, School Profile - Data Audit,
School Action Plan
, Initiatives Audit, and School Commitment. Share all documents
with district leadership team. Submit all school documents to
Trish (pmerida@indiana.edu) at PBIS Indiana.

PBIS Indiana contacts superintendent / assistant superintendent to assist
with commitment and readiness tasks and discuss which schools will receive
training and technical assistance from PBIS Indiana.


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