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Virtual EEG

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The complete version of Virtual EEG This program is a virtual EEG (electroencephalogram) lab. You can use this program to group the pictures into different categories, and run your own experiment. Note: if you get an error when you try to submit your experiment, open a new window and try the Peaks Plot version below. If it works, try the EEG version. The best browser to try is Internet Explorer on a PC, or IE or Safari on a Mac. If this still doesn't work, email busey(at)indiana.edu

Safe Virtual EEG This program is a safe version of the above virtual EEG (electroencephalogram) lab. This version is appropriate for students in High School or younger.

Instructor's Resources

Here are some instructor resources for Virtual EEG. The basic goal of the unit is to allow students to explore brainwave data collection without having to actually conduct the experiments themselves. Students conduct virtual EEG experiments that address how the brain processes different visual stimuli.