Practical Web Development:
A Systematic Process

How to Make
Useful and Usable
World Wide Web Sites


Elizabeth Boling and Theodore Frick

Department of Instructional Systems Technology
School of Education
Indiana University Bloomington

Copyright, 1999 - 2007
All rights reserved

Notice: Copies of this manuscript may not be distributed without express written permission of the authors: Elizabeth Boling and Theodore Frick. The PDF version of this manuscript is made available for use by students in courses that utilize this text.

Practical Web Development: Title Page and Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Big Picture

Chapter 2: Getting Started

Chapter 3: Analyze Your Needs and Those of the Users

Chapter 4: Make a Paper Prototype of the Web Site

Chapter 5: Test the Paper Prototype

Chapter 6: Make a Computer Prototype

Chapter 7: Test the Computer Prototype

Chapter 8: Build the Web Site: Optimize it for Practical Use

Chapter 9: Bug Testing and Final Checking

Chapter 10: Maintain the Web Site