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High School Lesson Plan


Mexico Quake 9/30/99


California Quake 10/16/99


Contributed by Pam Mink


Muncie Central High School


Muncie, IN



Students will learn to use the Internet and WinQuake.

1.Have students log onto the Internet at the USGS National Earthquake Information site.


2. Select 1999 Large Earthquakes


3. Select the Mexico Quake or the California Quake.


4. Select Sample Waveforms


5. Print out sample waveforms for your quake.


6. Logoff the Internet.


7. Go to the WinQuakes Program


8. Click on change directory.


9. Select the directory containing the PEPP files.


10. Highlight the desired data set for the Mexico Quake or the California Quake and click Open File.


11.Select the PPMUN Muncie Data set and click Open File again.


12. Print out the waveform for your earthquake.


13.Pick the P and S waves on each of your printouts. Label both waves.





I have made a print out of each of these quakes and an overhead of each.  We also have a poster machine and have been making large posters of quakes that we want to use in class.

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