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RATIONALE: The availability of research quality seismometers in schools has not been effectively utilized. This project will assist teachers and students by providing a.) information and a checklist of pre-experimentation planning and protocols needed by students for science fair participation and b.) a listing of possible topics that could be developed into science fair projects.


EXPECTED RESULTS: An increase in the use of the PEPP instruments and data by students and teachers and an increase in seismometry projects at local, district, county, regional, and state science days, fairs, or symposia.



Science Fairs: How to start a project.

Each school district or corporation by state or county will have their own specific objective wording therefore a general listing of objectives will be listed. These objectives can be achieved via a science fair project.


General Objectives:


Educational Objectives


General Project Topics


D. Mentors

Please email these people to ask if they would be able to assist students with their seismology project.

Lowell Bailey- Bedford North Lawrence, IN,

William Baker-Carmel High, IN,

David Burch, Eastern Greene, IN,

Bob Boltz, Nordonia Hills Middle, OH,

Brett Cauble, McCutcheon H.S., IN,

Veronica Crock, Indiana University,

Chris Donovan, Rushville Consolidated, IN,

Amy Elleman, Rushville Consolidated, IN,

Margaret Fisherkeller, Indiana State Museum,

William Gee, Willard J. Gambold Middle, IN,

Lois Gray, New Harmony, IN,

Jim Hoffman, Franklin Central, IN,

Michael Kelley, Harrison H.S., IN,<

Ann Koshy, Daviess County HS, KY,

Nancy Martin, Jackson Creek, IN,

Tom Radamaker, Oak Hill H.S., IN,

Sam Reese, Alleghany College, PA,

Robert Rollings, Floyd Central H.S., IN,

Jeff Sayers, Northview H.S., IN,

Ewa Shannon, East Chicago Central H.S., IN,

Catherine Shelton, Daviess County H.S., KY,

James B. Short, Gorham Fayette H.S., OH,

Greg Small, Harrison H.S., IN,

Elvia Solis, Arlington H.S., IN,

Kathy Walters, Willard J. Gambold Middle, IN,

Janice Weaver, Culver, IN,

Steve Webb, Perry Central, IN,

Michael Wolter, Muncie Central, IN,


E. References

Seismology: Resources for Teachers, THE SEISMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA,

IU-PEPP Website,

Princeton Earth Physics Project website,

Science Service,

United States Geologic Survey website

F. Assessment

Survey PEPP participants for numbers of their students developing a PEPP science fair project. The mentors will also be asked if they have been contacted for assistance.


G. Sample Forms

Click here to see the sample figures

H. Sample Project

Click here for further information about a project.


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