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Was the Darmstadt earthquake really centered in Darmstadt?

Catherine Shelton
Daviess County High School


Purpose: Some early predictions for the epicenter of the earthquake on June 18, 2002 focus on different locations around Evansville, Indiana. The students are going to research the location of the epicenter of the earthquake in southern Indiana.

Background: The United States Geological Survey's website first had the site of the earthquake located around Paducah but then said that no quake had occurred there but that it had occurred 10 miles northwest of Evansville. Seismic data from other groups has the quake centered in other locations on the west side of Evansville. The students will analyze the data to determine an accurate location for the earthquake of June 2002.

Project Description: The students will utilize several sources of data to help them locate the epicenter. Through their research, they can begin to reconstruct the earthquake and determine its epicenter. The goal is to create a more accurate picture of where the Darmstadt earthquake first hit the surface.


Conclusion: This project will develop the students understanding of data collection, data analysis, communication, and research skills. Having the opportunity to work as a seismologist while constructing the triangulation of the epicenter will lead them to increased knowledge of seismic disturbances.

Teacher note: The times may vary with this project so deadlines should be set to keep the students focused.


Catherine Shelton DCHS

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