The Bhuj Earthquake

Geological Survey of India

A devastating earthquake struck the Bhuj area of the Gujarat State of India in the morning of January 26, 2001 while the entire country was celebrating the 51st anniversary of the Republic Day of India. Loss of human life in thousands and extensive damage to property have been reported.

GSI's broad band Seismic Observatory at Jabalpur recorded the main shock of the devastating earthquake on 26.1.2001 at 08.46 hours. A number of the aftershocks are continuously being recorded and analysed.

Extensive macro seismic surveys are initiated under the leadership of Shri Pravash Pandey, Director of Earthquake Study Unit who, along with nine others, have reached the affected area.

Thirty seven officers including 27 Geologists and 10 Geophysicists have been mobilized for carrying out investigations. A team comprising eight officers have been deployed in the epicentre area around Bhuj.

For measuring aftershocks, three digital micro seismic recorders are already functional in Ahmedabad, four digital and 10 analogue recorders are also being deployed.


BHUJ EVENT DATED (26.1.2001)

Date 26/01/2001
Origin Time (IST) 08:46:41.8
P-arrival Time (IST) 08:48:47.16 eP’c’
S-arrival Time (IST) 08:50:26.09
A-P duration (Sec) 98.93
Latitude (° ) 23.31° N
Longitude(° ) 70.41° E
Epicentral Distance 968 km
Magnitude(Ml) ND
Magnitude(Ms) 7.6
Focal Depth ND
Geographical Location 76 km east of Bhuj or 100 km NNE of Jamnagar, Gujarat

NOTE: The parameters computed are for the events with clear phases. They are tentative and are subject to modification. This is because the calculations are based on single station data.

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