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A Short Walkthrough for WILBER

(Print out this page or open this page in another window for easy reference)

1) Open WILBER: Use the link to WILBER on the Earthquakes Page, or cut and paste this URL in your webbrowser menu:

2) Select a Time Period: Select a time period using the window on the left of the page.

3) Select a Range of Events: Use map to select a certain event, or click on the "list all events" link above the map.

4) Select a Specific Event: Either a long (all events) or short (specific event) list will appear, depending on your choice in #2. Select the event you want by clicking on the date of the event on the left (under "Date / Time").

5) Select A Responging Network: A page will appear with a List of Responding Networks. For IU PEPP stations, select "PN - PEPP INdiana", then click the "Proceed" button. You can view other networks' data also, but for this example, we are looking at IU PEPP.
A NOTE: If none of our stations were transmitting data, PN PEPP-INdiana will NOT appear in the list of responding stations, and you will not be able to use WILBER to get that data.

6) Select a Responding Station: A new page will appear with a list of Responding Stations, Available Channels, Available Data Formats, and a Time Window.
If you only want to see seismograms, click on the text of the station; for example, on the text "PPBLO.PN", NOT the box in front of the text.
To download data from a station, select the box in front of the station, select the available channels you want, the data format, how much time before and after the event you want to see, fill in your personal information, and click the "Process Request" button. (The email notification of a sucessful download is recommended for all who don't have the time to stare at a computer console.)

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