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This site is still under contruction as of 8/20/02, so if a page is blank or a link doesn't work, please try our old PEPP Website.

About PEPP

Never heard of "PEPP" (besides what you look for in your morning coffee)? Go here to learn more about the program and how to join.


In this section, you can find the latest updates on workshops, meetings and projects as well as quick links to the newest earthquakes recorded by the PEPP network. We will be posting notices about equipment availability and/or recent problems, so check in from time to time to see what we have up.


Enter the PEPP Earthquake zone to view seismograph records from past earthquakes, and see the latest information from the PEPP network and other national or global networks.


Would you like to learn new ways of integrating earthquakes into your earth science or physics classroom? The PEPP Curriculum section has lesson plans and other teaching aids developed by both PEPP teachers and faculty at Indiana University's Department of Geological Sciences.

Indiana PEPP

IU PEPP Teachers, here is where you can chat live with each other or post bulletins on our SiteScape and Bulletin Board. Even if you are not an IU PEPP Teacher, enter here and see where our schools are (and sneek a peek at our old workshop photos!).


Online downloadable versions of SCREAM, Winquake, and other software for downloading, recording and viewing seismic events.


Links to setup instructions, user's manuals, operating tips, and more.


Information on our seismographs and their manufacturers.


Lots of links to other PEPP webpages, as well as links to earthquakes, volcanoes, and earth science / physical science educational websites.

Contact Us!

Information on the people who make IU PEPP run, and several methods for contacting us! Stop by, we'd like to hear from you!


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