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PEPP Software

If you need a license for your school, contact Terry Stigall. It's free!


Seismic Data Recording Software

Software packages from Guralp Systems:

  • SCREAM 3.0 (Seismometer Configuration, REal time Acquisition and Monitoring) A Windows 9x/NT based acquisition and control package. Used for a real-time display and recording of either a networked or local seismometer.
  • GCFInfo 1.3 GCFinfo is a Windows 95/98/NT/2000 add-on for viewing, manipulating and saving Guralp Compressed Format (GCF) files.
  • Drumplot 2.3 Produces a 24 hour drumplot layout of data for viewing or printing.
  • Software for recording on AS-1 Seismographs
  • AmaSeis: a user-friendly program for recording seismic data with the AS-1 seismograph.

Event Viewing Software

Educational Software

  • Seismic Eruption: A program for the visualization of seismicity and volcanic activity in space and time.
  • Seismic Waves: A program for the visualization of wave propagation
  • EqLocate: An IRIS interactive program to locate earthquakes using P-wave arrivals.

Visit our Manuals section for How-To advice on uploading and viewing data using these systems, and our Instruments section for technical information.


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