2004 Spring Student Research Symposium

Saturday Events

The beginning of an event-full symposium
Terry organizes the group for a seismic refraction demonstration

Michael asks the inevitable question in the seismic station, "Notice anything odd about the floor?"
"...and this is what happens to the sensors during an earthquake..."
Gary prepares the group for a journey to the center of the earth... or at least the first 124 ft
The students learn how to use a borehole seismometer
The students ponder their seismic velocity calculations while Terry ponders lunch
A group from Arlington HS discuss the latest 'event'
The Thayer Juggling Troup provides some after-dinner entertainment
Arlington High School defends their table from a popball
And the final event of the day is planned:
Ultimate Frisbee!!

Sunday Events

Student Research Awards: Group Projects

William Combs accepts the Honarary Rock on behaf of the Crawfordsville team

First Place:

Kathleen Bell, Molly Meadows*, and Sarah Rice* from Crawfordsville HS

*Not Pictured

Second Place:

Elizabeth Petrik, Mina Alsaraf, Lindsey Fischer, Heath Shipley* and Rebecca Bottom* from Floyd Central HS

*Not Pictured


Student Research Awards: Individual Projects

First Place:

Michael Hubbard

Crawfordsville HS

Second Place:

Lindsey Fischer

Floyd Central HS

Third Place:

Elizabeth Petrik

Floyd Central HS

Gary Pavlis poses with the absent Clinton Bohm

Fourth Place:

Clinton Bohm*

Pioneer HS

*In Absentia Presentation


Karst Field Trip

"Anyone see a sinkhole?"

John Rupp explains sinkhole drainage patterns while Bill Combs ponders a more important question

The group discovers where the missing water went
What happens when groundwater and limestone quarries mix
Extra extra large rock saws!
John points out more evidence of karst


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