A few photos from the 1996 Summer IU PEPP Earthquake Institute

These pictures were taken by Michael Hamburger

The 1996 IU PEPP Workshop team, together with IU geologists Glenn Bear and Michael Hamburger (lower left), Stan Radzevicius (upper right), Geological Survey geologist John Rupp (3rd from right), and geophysics technician Terry Stigall (center).
Geologist John Rupp of the Indiana Geological Survey explains the subtleties of Indiana geology at a roadcut on Route 37, south of Bloomington.
Professor Gary Lane shares his insights on the geological and cultural history of the Lake Monroe area in the Hoosier National Forest.
PEPP teachers Brad Ridgely (Princeton, Indiana) and Steve Webb (Leopold, Indiana) stand astride the Heltonville fault, where they discover ... a rock!!
Back in the lab, Steve and Brad work on their sewing skills--these will become part of the liquefaction demo. Both teachers have become interested in taking up needlepoint following the workshop! You can see Brad's demo seismometer in the background.
Lauren Gould (Sterling, Virginia) proudly shows off her finished liquefaction demo filter (I needed a college degree for this???!).
Greg Small and Mike Kelley (Evansville, Indiana) survey their lab equipment before starting in on the construction phase...
PEPP teachers Linda Stout (Berne, Indiana) and John Pokorney (Royal Center, Indiana) work on their classroom projects. Linda is putting together her liquefaction demo, while John starts on his shear wall model.
Mike Wolter and Pam Mink (Muncie, Indiana) team up to put the finishing touches on their shear-wall model.
John Portle from Bloomington works on his shear-wall model (Is that a smile, or did he just poke himself with his screwdriver???)
Joe Powell (Cincinatti, Ohio) peers out from behind his shear-wall model
David Burch from Bloomfield, Indiana "gets down" to work on the base for his liquefaction model.
David proudly shows off his classroom equipment before he carts it back to Bloomfield.
... and the group bids a fond farewell, awaiting their next reunion at the HASTI meeting next spring???

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