A few photos from the 1996 Summer IU PEPP Earthquake Institute

These pictures were taken by Michael Hamburger

The Field Trip

Cascades Park & Highway 37
We start the day with a little breakfast and geologic lecture by Todd Thompson...
Todd tries to slap Brian Keith, who protects himself with a geologic map of Indiana!
So Todd gives up and explains a little Indiana geology.
On our way to the Cascades Waterfall, Brian Keith tries to explain what a rock is to a physicist (John Portle)...
Steve Webb hides behind the Cascades Waterfall.
The group poses by the Cascades Waterfall!
Todd and Brian show off Indiana stratigraphy on Route 37.
And how are geodes are formed, Todd???
Todd uses Gary Pavlis to represent some Mississippian limestones.

The Maple Hill Quarry
Todd Thompson explains about the stone industry...
Overlooking the quarry lake...
If I could only fly...!
Brian Keith shows off some beautiful stylolites!
Brian cleans up a fresh rock face to look at some cross-bedding.
And Todd offers some friendly suggestions on how to wash quarry walls...
...while the stone cutters look on (John Pokorney, David Burch, Lowell Bailey, and Ron Endris).

Shoals & the Georgia Whetstone Quarry
Erik Kvale explains a little about the Pennsylvanian rocks near Shoals...
...and then we have to climb up to see 'em!
The group spreads out to hunt for fossils at the Georgia Whetstone quarry.
A Pennsylvanian conifer preserved at the quarry.
Tom Rademaker takes a rest ... on a Pennsylvanian tree stump!
John Pokorney, David Burch, Lowell Bailey, and Carole Mayrose examine a whetstone tombstone with Erik.
And a sad farewell at the end of a long field day.


Construction Sessions
Lowell Bailey works on his "earthquake machine".
Steve Webb before...
...and after!
Linda Stout and Tom Rademaker work on their machine.
Jeff Sayers does all the work while Carole Mayrose and Nancy Martin look on...
Greg Small gives some unrequested advice...
And ... voila!  An earthquake!


Lab & Computer Sessions
A Saturday morning session in the Elephant room.
Ron Endris shares some curriculum ideas with the group.
David Burch leads a session on SWAP...
...and the group tries it out on their computers...
Gary Pavlis explains the finer points of the networking software...
And Jeff Sayers explains why it won't work!

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