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We would like to invite you all to our first event of the semester tonight (Thursday, January 23) from 7-9pm at the Crazy Horse, where we will socialize and discuss our other upcoming events. Non-members are welcome to join us, so bring your friends and classmates. You can find the address here.

Paul Joyce of the SBoA

On Wednesday, January 29th at 5pm in room BU 202 (in the Business building) the PFA will host Mr. Paul Joyce who leads the State Board of Accounts. He will speak generally about what his office does, which entities it audits, and its relations with the Indiana state government. Mr. Joyce may also bring a representative from the local office that audits Indiana University. He will engage in a Q&A session with the attendees. You can learn more about Paul Joyce and the SBoA here.

Thom Cook of St. Vincent Hospital

On Wednesday, February 19th at 5pm (location TBA) the PFA will host, Mr. Thom Cook, who is the CFO of St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis. He will speak abouth healthcare financing and accounting. This is an ideal event for students interested in health policy and understanding the costs of healthcare in the US. He will engage in a Q&A session with the attendees.


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