» Bridging Traditional Divides: Reimagining Your Role in Academic Life «

Indiana Memorial Union
January 30th, 2015, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

NOTE: Registration is not required. The conference is free and open to all IU graduate students. In order to participate in the complimentary lunch; however, you must RSVP by Monday, January 26th, to iupffc@gmail.com with your name, department, and year in your program. There is limited seating for lunch. Thank you!
8:30–9:00 Registration and Continential Breakfast (IMU Frangipani Room)
9:00–9:15 Welcoming Remarks (IMU Whittenberger Auditorium)
David Daleke, IUB, Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Health Sciences & Associate Dean of the University Graduate School
9:15–10:45 Panel 1: Looking Ahead: Considering Your Various Career Options (IMU Whittenberger Auditorium)

Working at a Teaching-Focused Institution
Michele Villinski, DePauw University, Department of Economics and Management


Working at a Research-Focused Institution
Justin Garcia, IUB, Department of Gender Studies & The Kinsey Institute


Working as a Post-Doc
Julie Lee Merseth, IUB, Center for Research on Race, Ethnicity, and Society & Department of Political Science


Working Outside of Academia
Galen Clavio, IUB, Department of Kinesiology

11:00–12:15 Panel 2: Teaching In and Out of the Classroom (IMU Whittenberger Auditorium)

Teaching in a Diverse University
Mary Tourner, IUB, Groups Scholars Program


Service Learning in the Community
Nicole Schönemann, IUB, Service-Learning Director, CITL


Student Engagement
Jill Robinson, IUB, Department of Chemistry


Integrating Research and Teaching
Catherine Sherwood-Laughlin, IUB, Department of Applied Health Science

12:30–1:45 Lunch (IMU Frangipani Room)

Keynote Address
Lauren Robel, IUB, Provost and Executive Vice President

2:00–3:00 Panel 3: Roundtables (IMU Georgian Room)

Table 1: Innovative Teaching Strategies (Social Sciences & Humanities)
Curt Bonk, IUB, Department of Instructional Systems Technology


Table 2: Innovative Teaching Strategies (Natural Sciences)
David Kehoe, IUB, Department of Biology


Table 3: Developing a Research Record (Social Sciences & Humanities)
Christina Snyder, IUB, Department of History & American Studies


Table 4: Developing a Research Record (Natural Sciences)
John J. Salzer, IUB, Department of Astronomy


Table 5: Collaboration and Co-authorship (Social Sciences & Humanities)
Cate Taylor, IUB, Department of Gender Studies & Sociology


Table 6: Collaboration and Co-authorship (Natural Sciences)
Ellen Ketterson, IUB, Department of Biology & Gender Studies


Table 7: Building a Service Record
Ruth M. Stone, IUB, Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology


Table 8: Creating Professional Networks
Elaine M. Hernandez, IUB, Department of Sociology


Table 9: Surviving and Thriving in Graduate School (for early students)
Sarah Hatteberg, IUB, Department of Sociology


Table 10: Surviving the Dissertation (for later students)
Laura Clapper, IUB, Writing Tutorial Services & Department of English


Table 11: Communicating Your Work
Steve Hinnefeld, IUB, News & Media Specialist


Table 12A: Grants and Funding
Emma K. McDonell, IUB, The IU GradGrants Center


Table 12B: Grants and Funding
Jennifer C. Lee, IUB, Department of Sociology


Panel 4: Navigating the Job Market
(Panel will be divided into two parallel sections: Social Sciences & Humanities and Natural Sciences)

    Social Sciences & Humanities (IMU Georgian Room)

Advice from a Research-Focused Perspective
Andrew Halpern-Manners, IUB, Department of Sociology


Advice from a Teaching-Focused Perspective
Lydia Marshall, DePauw University, Department of Sociology and Anthropology


Advice from a Recent Ph.D.
Kyungbin Kwon, IUB, Department of Instructional Systems Technology


Advice from a Recent Post-Doc
Andrea K. Chomistek, IUB, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

    Natural Sciences (IMU Whittenberger Auditorium)

Advice from a Research-Focused Perspective
Catherine A. Pilachowski, IUB, Department of Astronomy


Advice from a Teaching-Focused Perspective
Jeanette K. Pope, DePauw University, Department of Geosciences


Advice from a Recent Ph.D.
Chad Cooley, IUB, Department of Chemistry


Advice from a Post-Doc
Tierney Lorenz, IUB, The Kinsey Institute