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Departmental Events

Upcoming Events

Colloquium Series: History and Philosophy of Science Department Spring 2016 (in Woodburn 121, 4-6pm, unless otherwise noted)
  • January 22
    "Logical Vice"
    Gillian Russell (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
  • February 5
    “On the Distinction Between a Better Moral Theory and a Theory of a Better Morality” (abstract)
    Geoffrey Sayer-McCord (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
  • February 12
    "In Defense of Practical Reasons for Belief" (abstract)
    Stephanie Leary (Rutgers University)
  • February 15 NB: 101 Woodburn 4-6pm
    "Akratic Action under the Guise of the Good" (abstract)
    Eugene Chislenko (UC Berkeley)
  • February 19
    "The Indispensability of Human Dignity" (abstract)
    Ariel Zylberman (Simon Fraser)
  • February 22 NB: 120 Woodburn, 4-6pm
    “Samuel Pufendorf on Esteem: From the State of Nature to Civil Society” (abstract)
    Andreas Blanks (University of Paderborn, Paderbon, Germany)
  • February 26
    "Feeling the Way to Truth: Early Modern Women's Writings and What They Teach Us about Descartes' Meditations" (abstract)
    Christia Mercer (Columbia University)
  • March 25
    "Perspectives, Understanding, and Epistemic Aptness" (abstract)
    Elisabeth Camp (Rutgers University)
  • April 8
    "Challenges to the Creation of an Egalitarian Society: the Long View of Human History" (abstract)
    Elizabeth Anderson (University of Michigan)
  • April 11 (Cognitive Science Collquium 4-5pm Psych 101)
    "Early Nervous Systems and the Evolution of Experience"
    Peter Godfrey-Smith (CUNY)
  • April 15
    "There is no Doxa of Forms: Plato’s Beliefs Revisited" (abstract)
    Jessica Moss (New York University)
  • April 22 Nelson Fellows Symposium -- 3:00-7:00pm Georgian Room, IMU (Reception following)
    Noam Hoffer, "Kant's Regulative Metaphysics of God"
    Tim Perrine, "Accurate Representation and the Value of Understanding"
  • May 2
    "Understanding Computational Models of Mind" (Abstract)
    Frances Egan (Rutgers University)
  • May 12-14
    Conference: Environmental Ethics and Aesthetics, Oak Room, Indiana Memorial Union (schedule)
  • May 25-27
    Conference: Clinical Psychanalysis & Analytic Philosophy [CFP]: Keynote Speakers - Edward Harcourt (Oxford), Jonathan Lear (Chicagor), Juliet Mitchell (UCL & Cambridge)

Archived Events

Events Calendar Fall 2015

Fall 2015 (in Woodburn 121, 4-6pm, unless otherwise noted)
  • August 28 (Federal Room, Indiana Memorial Union, followed by a reception)
    "Feeling and Inclination: Rationalizing the Animal Within"
    Janelle DeWitt (Halls Post Doctoral Fellow, IU)
  • September 11
    "The Relational View of Singular Thought"
    Imogen Dickie (University of Toronto)
    Abstract: I shall prove a principle which brings out the significance for accounts of aboutness and reference of the fact that justification is truth conducive, then use the principle to consturct an alternative to extant accounts of the distinction between singular and general thought.
  • September 25 Clark Lecture (4-6pm, Federal Room, Indiana Memorial Union, followed by a reception)
    "Sensory Character as a Mental Activity"
    Susanna Schellenberg (Rutgers University)

    Abstract: I will argue that sensory character is best understood as a mental activity rather than as an awareness relation to strange particulars or abstract entities. This way of understanding sensory character constitutes a radical departure from existing views and promises to avoid many problems of those views.

  • October 8-10, 2015 Conference: Social Epistemology of Religious Belief
    Program detals available here.

  • October 19, 2015
    "Learning to Signal"
    Brian Skryms (UC Irvine)
    Cognitive Science Colloquium, 4pm, PY 101
    Abstract: Can meaningful signaling arise spontaneously from interactions governed by simple adaptive dynamics of evolution or of learning.? If so under what conditions and with what likelihood of success. These questions can be asked precisely within the framework of signaling games. Some things are known, while many questions remain open.
  • November 13 Julie-Jean Nelson Rudd Lecture on Animal Right, Georgian Room, IMU 4-6pm
    "Kant and Moral Responsibility for Animals" (flyer)
    Helga Varden (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
  • November 17 (Tues.) The Poynter Center, 618 E. Third Street, 4-5:30pm
    "The Richard Rufus Project: Rediscovering a 13th Century Philosopher"
    Rega Wood (Indiana University)

Events Calendar 2014-2015

  • September 9 and 11, 7:30-9:00pm
    Patten Lectures
    "Consciousness as a Problem in Philosophy and Neurobiology"
    "The Logical Structure of Human Civilization"
    John Searle (UC Berkeley)
  • September 10-13
    Collective Intentionality IX Conference
  • September 26, 4-6pm
    Clark Lecture "Does the Mind have a Causal Structure?"
    John Campbell (UC Berkeley)
  • October 10-11
    Third Midwest Workshop in Metaphysics
  • October 24
    Nelson Lecture
    "The Claims of Animals and the Needs of Strangers: Two Cases of Imperfect Right"
    Christine Korsgaard (Harvard University)
  • November 14
    "Malebranche's and Leibniz's Theories of Pre-formation"
    Karen Detlefsen (University of Pennsylvania)
    Philosophy-HPS Joint Colloquium
  • November 21
    "The Value of Truth and the Value of Belief"
    Peter Railton (University of Michigan)
  • December 5
    "Univalence as a New Principle of Logic"
    Steve Awodey (Carnegie-Mellon University)
  • March 2-6
    Nelson Distinguished Visitor
    Richard Moran (Harvard University)
  • March 26-27
    "Implicit Bias, Stereotyp Threat and Women in Philosophy"
    "Dogwhistles, Philosophy of Language and Political Manipulation"
    Jennifer Saul (University of Sheffield)
  • April 17
    "Is There a Joint in Nature Between Cognition and Perception?"
    Ned Block (New York University)
  • April 24
    Nelson Fellowship Symposium "Metaphysical Accommodation" David Fisher
    "Hume's Justice: Motivation, Scope, and Fairness" Krista Rodkey

Events Calendar 2013-2014

  • September 6 Clark Lecture
    John Perry (Stanford)
    "Time, Self and Meaning"
  • September 20
    Susan Wolf (UNC Chapel Hill)
    "Responsibility, Moral and Otherwise"
  • October 4
    Susanna Seigel (Harvard)
    "Wishful Belief and the Basing Relation"
  • November 1
    Frank Jackson (ANU/Princeton)
    "Procrastinate Revisited"
  • November 8 Nelson Lecture
    Kristin Andrews (York University)
    "Primitive Normativity in Children and Other Apes"
  • November 15
    Weibke Deimling (Halls Postdoc, Indiana)
    "Kant on Emotions (as Friends and Suspects)"
  • February 14
    Frederick Neuhouser (Columbia/Barnard)
    "Rousseau on Social Ontology and Social Pathology"
  • February 21 Joint HPS/Philosophy colloquium
    Kyle Stanford (UC Irvine)
    "Catastrophist and Uniformitarian Scientific Realists: The Historicist Challenge and a Realism Dispute Worth Having"
  • March 7
    David Owen (University of Arizona)
    "Locke on Sensitive Knowledge"
  • April 4 Nelson Fellow Symposium
    Curtis Sommerlatte (Indiana University)
    "Kant's Conception of Cognition and Why it Isn't Justified True Belief"
    Philip Woodward (Indiana University)
    "Phenomenal Intentionality: Reductionism vs. Primitivism"
  • April 11
    Angela Potochnik (University of Cincinnati)
    "Causal Patterns and Adequate Explanations"

Events Calendar 2012-2013

  • February 22, 4:30pm
    "Kant's History of Ethics"
    Allen Wood, Ruth Norman Halls Professor of Philosophy (Indiana)
    IMU Walnut Room
  • March 1, 4-6pm
    "Making the "Hard" Problem of Moral Normativity Easier"
    Stephen Darwall (Yale)
  • March 18-22
    Julia Annas (Arizona), Distinguish Visitor
  • March 25, 4-6pm
    "Classical Continua without Points" Geoffrey Hellman (Minnesota)
    Joint HPS-Philosophy Colloquium
  • April 5, 4-6pm
    Sharon Mason (Indiana)
    Brand Fellowship Lecture
  • April 12, 4-6pm
    Marija Jankovic (Indiana) & Michael Rings (Indiana)
    Nelson Fellowship Symposium
  • April 19, George Nahknikian Memorial
  • May 9-11, Conference for the Society for the Study of the History of Analytic Philosophy
  • Sep 21 Ernest Sosa (Rutgers)
    Bo and Lynn Clark Lecture
    4-6 p.m.
  • Sep 28-29 Sixth Annual Midwest Epistemology Workshop
    Indiana Memorial Union at Indiana University, Bloomington.
  • Oct 10 Michael Koss, IU Philosophy Department
    Finding a Place for the Philosophy of Math
    4 p.m. Wylie 111
  • Oct 12 Kai Hauser, Technische Universitat, Berlin
    Perception and Ideal Objects
    11 a.m. Chemistry 001
  • Oct 16 Chris Mortensen, University of Adelaide
    Inconsistent Geometry and M. C. Escher
    11 a.m. Kirkwood 312
  • Oct 19 Three Puzzles about Spatial Experience
    4-6 p.m 120 Woodburn Hall
  • Oct 20-21 Aristotelian Logic and Metaphysics
  • Nov 2 Colin Allen (Indiana University)
    Fall 2012 Nelson Lecture - Meerkats, Monkeys, and Information
    Sponsored by the Philosophy Department at Indiana University with support from the Nelson fund.
    4-6 p.m. University Club (downstairs) in the IMU
  • Nov 30 David Sussman Department of Philosophy University of Illinois, Urbana
    Lecture – “Is Agent-Regret Rational?“
    4-6 p.m.
  • Jan 14 The Philosophical Society
    Spring 2013 Callout Meeting
    7 p.m. Persimmon Room, IMU

Events Calendar 2011-2012

  • Oct 10  Katalin Bimbo, University of Alberta Philosophy (and former IU grad student):
    "On the decidability of implicational ticket entailment"
    5:30 p.m. Lindley Hall 101
    (This talk is also a seminar in the School of Informatics and Computing's
    Theory Seminar.)
  • Oct 12  Graham Priest, University of Melbourne and CUNY
    Logic Group Colloquium
    "Kripke's New Paradox of Thought"
    4-6 p.m. Chemistry 001
  • Oct 14 William Demopolous: "Carnap's Thesis"
    Joint Phil/HPS Colloquium
    4-5:30 p.m. Ballantine Hall 204
  • Oct 19 Michael Koss (IU Philosophy Department)
    "The coherence of the incoherence"
    4:00 p.m. in Chemistry 001
  • Oct 21 Margaret Gilbert: "Dark duties: on the practical import of commands to do evil"
    Philosophy Colloquium
    4-6 p.m. 121 Woodburn
  • Nov 2 Joan Weiner, IU Philosophy Department
    Why Benacerraf's Puzzle Rests on a Mistake
    4 p.m. Chemistry 001
  • Nov 4 Mark Rowlands: "Can Animals be Moral?" (download flyer)
    Nelson Lecture
    4-6 p.m. 120 Woodburn
  • Nov 8 Ray Jackendoff: "The Cognitive Structure of Baseball"
    Patten Lecture
    7:30-9 p.m. Rawles Hall 100
  • Nov 9 Kai Wehmeier, University of California, Irvine, Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science
    The First-Order Logic of the Tractatus (joint work with Brian Rogers)
    4-6 p.m. Chemistry 001
  • Nov 10 Ray Jackendoff Discussion: "Language Evolution"
    Discussion of language evolution
    12-1 p.m. 22 Sycamore Hall
  • Nov 10 Ray Jackendoff: "Language, Meaning, and Rational Thought"
    Patten Lecture
    7:30-9 p.m. Rawles Hall 100
  • Nov 18 Ted Sider, Cornell University: “The Metaphysics of Fundamentality”
    Philosophy Colloquium
    4:00-6:00 p.m. 121 Woodburn
  • Dec 2 Tyler Burge TBA
    Bo & Lynn Clark Lecture
    4:00-6:00 p.m. IMU University Club
    Reception to Follow
  • Dec 9 Carrie Swanson: "Gareth Matthews on Kooky Objects and the Masker Paradox"
    Halls Postdoc Fellowship Lecture
    3:30-5:30 p.m. 121 Woodburn
  • January 13, Emily Fletcher, University of Toronto: "Hedonism and the Choice of Lives in Plato's Philebus"
    4:00-6:00 p.m. 121 Woodburn
  • January 20, David Bronstein, Boston University: "A Puzzle in Aristotle's Theory of Definition"
    1:30-3:30 p.m. 121 Woodburn
  • January 23, Pieter Hasper, Ludwig Maximilians Universitaet, Munich: "'Knowledge is of Universals': The Proof-Theoretical Context of Aristotle's Thesis"
    4-6 p.m. 102 Fine Arts
  • January 27, Samuel Baker, Princeton University: "Ergon and Virtue in Plato and Aristotle"
    4-6 p.m. 121 Woodburn
  • January 31, Carrie Swanson, Indiana University:  "Self-Refutation in Plato's Euthydemus"
    7-9 p.m. 121 Woodburn
  • February 24, Ernest Sosa, Rutgers University:  "Epistemic Agency"
    4-6 p.m. 121 Woodburn
  • March 2, Claudia Card, University of Wisconsin:  "Challenges of Global and Local Misogyny"
    4-6 p.m. 121 Woodburn
  • March 23, Gilbert Harman, Princeton University: "Intrinsically Self-Reflexive Mental States"
    1:30-3:30 p.m. 340 Ballantine
  • March 30, Sarah Broadie, University of St Andrews:  "Perspectives on Aristotle from Bernard Williams"
    4-6 p.m. 121 Woodburn
  • April 20, Jim Conant, University of Chicago, "Wittgenstein and Aesthetics"
    10 a.m. - 12 p.m., Distinguished Alumni Room, IMU
    Co-sponsored by the Center for Theoretical Study in the Humanities, the Institute of German Studies, and the Philosophy Department.
  • April 20, Michael Jubien, University of Florida: "Looking Back on Logic"
    1:30-3:30 p.m. 121 Woodburn
  • April 27, Harry Frankfurt, Princeton University: "Volitional Rationality and the Necessities of Love"
    4-6 p.m. 121 Woodburn

Events Calendar 2010-2011

  • Sep 10  Barry Stroud
    Annual Bo and Lynn Clark Memorial Lecture
    Seeing What Is So
    3:00 Indiana Memorial Union University Club
    Reception to Follow
  • Sep 13  Rega Wood
    Henry Bracton on the Science of Jurisprudence
    4:00 Swain 221
  • Sep 29  Gary Ebbs
    IU Logic Group Seminar
    How to formulate the schematic conception of logical truth
    4:00 PM  BH 144
  • Oct 6  John McDowell
    Distinguished Visitor Lecture
    Perception as a Cognitive Capacity
    7:30-9:30 Wylie 005
  • Oct 27  Peter Lasersohn
    IU Logic Group Seminar
    Two Types of Perspectival Meaning and the Development of Allocentric Assessment
    4:00 Ballantine 144
  • Oct. 29  Martha Bolton
    Berkeley's Language of Vision
    4:00 WH 121
  • Nov. 5   Achille Varzi
    On Doing Ontology without Metaphysics
    4:00 WH 121
  • Nov 12   Timothy Williamson
    Improbable Knowing
    4:00 WH 121
  • Jan 12   Kirk Ludwig
    IU Logic Group Seminar
    De Re Necessities
    4:00 Chem 001
  • Jan 25  Nancy Fraser
    Patten Lecture
    Nature, Labor, Money:  Flashpoints of Capitalist Crisis in the 21st Century
    7:30 Rawles 100
  • Jan 27  Nancy Fraser
    Patten Lecture
    Marketization, Social Protection, Emancipation:  Grammars of Struggle in Capitalist Crisis
    7:30 Rawles 100
  • Feb 25  David Hyder
    Joint HPS/Philosophy Lecture
    Kant on Time and Quantity
    4:00 Ballantine 003
  • Mar 4  Roger Crisp
    A Third Method of Ethics
    4:00 Woodburn 121
  • April 8 Chad Gonnerman
    Nelson Dissertation Fellowship Lecture
    Messy Minds: A Problem for the Psychological Turn in Conceptual Analysis
    4:00 Bridgewater Lounge, Neal Marshall Center
    Reception to follow

Events Calendar 2009-2010

  • Sep 18 Rega Wood
    What Price the Horror of the Vacuum? Interstitial Vacua and Aristotelian Science
    Title/Location TBA
  • Sep 21 Jeremy Horder
    Philosophy and Morality in the Courtroom: Defenses in Criminal Law
    4:00 Law School 335
  • Sep 23 Jeremy Horder
    Branigin Lecture
    Law Commissions, Experts and Law Reform: The Case of Homicide
    7:00 Law School Moot Court Room
  • Sep 25 John Martin Fischer
    Annual Bo Clark Lecture
    Indeterminism and Control: The Problem of Luck
    4:00 Woodburn 121
  • Oct 9 Robin Hendry
    First Annual Joint Phil-HPS Lecture
    The Metaphysics of Chemistry
    4:00 Woodburn 121
  • Oct 16 Jeff McMahan
    When is it Permissible to Kill Civilians in War?
    4:00 Woodburn 121
  • Oct 30 Allan Gibbard
    Meaning as a Normative Concept
    4:00 WH121
  • Nov 13 Robert Adams
    4:00 PM WH120
  • Jan 22 Keith DeRose
    Timid Skepticism
    4:00 WH121
  • Feb 5 Susan Haack
    Just Say "No" to Logical Negativism
    4:00 WH121
  • Mar 5 Christine Korsgaard
    Reflections on the Evolution of Morality
    4:00 WH121
  • Mar 26 Kyla Ebels Duggan
    Dealing with the Past: Responsibility, History, and Salience
    4:00 WH121