Indiana Beta Colony at Indiana University
Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity

Dear Friends (Alumni, Prospective Members, et al.):

It is an honor and a privilege to be writing you as the new Colony Advisor for the Indiana Beta Colony of Phi Kappa Psi.

My first acknowledgement is to recognize the outstanding work of two individuals, Beau Dismukes, OK Alpha '15, Expansion Consultant, and Jose Rosas, UC Riverside 14, the Chapter Services Consultant. Both of these fine young gentlemen were assigned from Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity headquarters to spearhead the initial recolonization efforts on campus.

Beau and Jose began their recruitment efforts in Bloomington on the first day of class this Fall. In less than two months, they had built a colony of 50 active new members! On October 1, this group of young men went through our formal pledge pinning ceremony, and are now a pledge class deeply committed to the high standards and ideals of Phi Kapa Psi and Indiana Beta.

Beau met personally with each potential new member, conducting personal interviews and conduct checks before extending a bid to those prospects that he deemed met Phi Kappa Psi Indiana Beta standards. Initiation of this pledge class is planned for December 3. Efforts will also commence soon for Spring recruitment, in anticipation of adding 20-25 Spring pledges to the colony.

As the Colony Advisor my role is to provide oversight and direction to the colony during the on-going recolonization process. I am very fortunate to be partnered with a tremendous team of advisors. The Colony Advisors and their committees include:
Dr. Bill Mohr, M.D. IN Beta 76/Membership & Recruitment;
Timothy Long/Faculty Advisor;
Susan Yoon, J.D./Finance;
Scott Gilreath IN Beta 76/Alumni Communication-PR & Philanthropy and
Ed Hawes IN Beta 76/Risk Management.

As we think of Spring time in Bloomington, we Indiana Phi Psis naturally think about the Little 500! I am extremely excited to report that our bike team is back!! Three alums; Dan Gaz, Ed Hawes, and Scott Gilreath have answered the call to help return Phi Kappa Psi to its standing as a perennial Little 500 contender. Albert La Valle will be leading the team as their captain.

We are in the process of resurrecting our social media outlets for the colony, and I encourage you to receive more information in that way. In particular, we will be posting on-going updates on our official Facebook page - Phi Kappa Psi, Indiana University Colony. Be sure to "like" that page so it appears in your Timeline.

I close by saying that I am humbled by the opportunity to give back to this chapter and brotherhood that means so much to me! And, I hope you can tell that I am excited! As we all help to rebuild the chapter. I encourage your involvement and hope that you will re-engage in Indiana Beta.

On behalf of our Phi Kappa Psi Colony, thank you for your support!

Gary Ross Indiana Beta 78
Colony Advisor

Updated: 14 November 2017