Welcome to the Indiana University Phonetics Lab web portal!

On this site, you will find resources to help you understand aspects of phonetics and conduct phonetic research. The resources are ones which we have either developed here or have found to be useful. Specifically, these resources consist of the following:

The phonetics community at Indiana University

Research in the IU phonetics community is very diverse, ranging from documentation of production mechanisms in understudied languages to perceptual modeling of indexical information to the phonological systems of second language learners. Some sample research project descriptions can be found on the web pages of the Linguistics Speech Laboratory, Second Language Psycholinguistics Laboratory, Speech Perception Laboratory, and Speech Research Laboratory. For additional information on language-related research at Indiana University, visit the Language Sciences homepage. There is also an informal phonetics reading group called PhLEGMe (Phonetics Literature Enjoyment Group Meeting).

About our lab and this site

The current director of the Indiana University Phonetics Lab is Ken de Jong. This website was designed by Aaron Albin in Spring-Summer 2014. Feel free to contact either of us with questions about our lab or feedback about this website.