Our House

Pi Kappa Phi House

The Alpha Psi Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi was founded in 1947 at Indiana University in Bloomington. However, Pi Kappa Phi did not own the current chapter house pictured on the left until 1995. Originally, the chapter was located in a house on 9th and Indiana.

Over the past few years, many renovations and updates have been done to the current chapter house. In 2010, brand new flooring, windows, and carpeting were installed throughout the whole chapter house. In addition, as part of a two-part renovation, an air lock was built into the front door. The second phase of this renovation is planned to start in the Summer of 2011. A mock up of what it will look like is posted below.

Brothers of the Alpha Psi chapter enjoy a large backyard, 2 basketball courts, courtyard, outdoor patio for grilling, front balcony, and many other unique features of this chapter house. A location on North Jordan makes it is easy to get to class. Right outside the front door is a bus stop for the "B" bus, whose route goes all over campus. Please browse through the pictures below for a better look at the Pi Kapp house.
Pi Kappa Phi 2013-2014 Housing Member Contract