pEG100pEarleyGate Vectors -features, maps and ordering information

In the table below, clicking on the ABRC stock number should take you directly to the ABRC webpage where you can order that clone. Should a hyperlink not work, please report the dead link to Craig Pikaard so that it can be repaired. In the meantime, you can search ABRC for pEarleyGate vectors by going to the TAIR website, finding the "Stocks" sub-heading and choosing "Search DNA stocks" using"vector" as the "search for" term.

For those researchers using Gene Construction Kit software (, GCK files of each sequence are included as links in the table below. To obtain the GCK file, Mac users may need to click the mouse while pressing the option key to download the file or may need to hold down the mouse and choose the save to disk option.

If you use pEarleyGate vectors in work you intend to publish, please cite:

Earley, Keith, Jeremy R. Haag, Olga Pontes, Kristen Opper, Tom Juehne, Keming Song, and Craig S. Pikaard (2006). Gateway-compatible vectors for plant functional genomics and proteomics. The Plant J. 45:616-629. See abstract at Pubmed.

 Plasmid name  Description Circular map (+ unique sites)

 plasmid sequence (text file)
  plasmid sequence (Gene Construction Kit)

 ABRC stock number
 pEarleyGate 100  35S-Gateway-OCS 3'  image file  text file  GCK file  CD3-724
 pEarleyGate 101  35S-Gateway-YFP-HA tag-OCS 3'  image file  text file  GCK file  CD3-683
 pEarleyGate 102  35S-Gateway-CFP-HA tag-OCS 3'  image file  text file  GCK file  CD3-684
 pEarleyGate 103  35S-Gateway-GFP-His tag-OCS 3'  image file  text file  GCK file  CD3-685
 pEarleyGate 104  35S-YFP-Gateway-OCS 3'  image file  text file  GCK file  CD3-686
 pEarleyGate 201  35S-HA tag-Gateway-OCS 3'   image file  text file  GCK file  CD3-687
 pEarleyGate 202  35S-FLAG tag-Gateway-OCS 3'   image file  text file  GCK file  CD3-688
 pEarleyGate 203  35S-Myc tag-Gateway-OCS 3'   image file  text file  GCK file CD3-689
 pEarleyGate 204  35S-AcV5 tag-Gateway-OCS 3'   image file  text file  GCK file CD3-690
 pEarleyGate 205  35S-Gateway-TAP tag-OCS 3'   image file  text file  GCK file  CD3-691
 pEarleyGate 301  no promoter-Gateway-HA tag-OCS3'   image file  text file  GCK file   CD3-692
 pEarleyGate 302  no promoter-Gateway-FLAG tag-OCS3'   image file  text file  GCK file   CD3-693
 pEarleyGate 303  no promoter-Gateway-Myc tag-OCS3'   image file  text file  GCK file   CD3-694
 pEarleyGate 304  no promoter-Gateway-AcV5 tag-OCS3'   image file  text file  GCK file   CD3-695