Administration & Operations

These policies relate to the administrative and operational functions of Indiana University. Topics include equal opportunity, facilities, institutional naming, intellectual property, policy administration, engagement, public safety and institutional assurance, and whistleblowing.

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Equal Opportunity

Title Number Responsible Office

Non-Discrimination/Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

Details IU's commitment to providing equal opportunities for all individuals and to taking affirmative action to overcome historical discrimination.

UA-01 Office of Affirmative Action

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Policy

Details IU's commitment to and procedures for accommodating the needs of faculty, staff, students, and guests with disabilities.

UA-02 Office of Affirmative Action

Policy on Sex Trafficking

Prohibits the use of funds received from the US Government for the purpose of promoting prostitution, sex trafficking, and other related activities.

UA-07 Office of the Vice President and General Counsel

Sexual Misconduct

Defines the university's policy against sexual misconduct among members of its community, including specific provisions and enforcement principles.

UA-03 IU Office of Student Welfare and Title IX
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Title Number Responsible Office

Public Art Policy

Establishes review requirements for exterior changes and permanent art installations on the Indiana University campuses.

CPF-02 Office of the Vice President for Capital Planning & Facilities

University Signage

Establishes conventions and procedures for location, direction, and way-finding signs on Indiana University campuses.

CPF-03 Office of the Vice President for Capital Planning & Facilities
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Institutional Naming

Title Number Responsible Office

Institutional Naming

Establishes practices for naming IU facilities and permanent organizations and ensures proper vetting and consultation before naming decisions are made.


VP for Capital Planning & Facilities / Exec. VP for University Academic Affairs

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Intellectual Property

Title Number Responsible Office

Intellectual Property Policy

Provides guidelines for the IU Statement of Principles on Intellectual Property.

UA-05 Indiana University Research and Technology Corporation (IURTC)
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Policy Administration

Title Number Responsible Office

Establishing University Policies

Establishes procedures for drafting, approving, revising, distributing, maintaining, and withdrawing university policies.

UA-08 Office of the Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs
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Title Number Responsible Office

Sponsorships and Memberships in External Organizations

Establishes review and coordination requirements for external sponsorship/membership event purchases and funding to ensure efficient use of funds.

VPE-02 Office of the Vice President for Engagement

Marketing and Communication

Establishes provisions for all marketing and communication activities at Indiana University.

VPE-01 Vice President for Engagement
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Public Safety and Institutional Assurance

Title Number Responsible Office

Programs Involving Children

Establishes requirements for IU programs that involve children and for external organizations using IU facilities for programs that involve children. State law requirements for reporting suspected child abuse apply to everyone.

PS-01 Office of Public Safety & Institutional Assurance

Video and Electronic Surveillance

PS-02 is the policy on Video and Electronic Surveillance

PS-02 Public Safety & Institutional Assurance

Possession of Firearms and Weapons

Prohibits unauthorized firearms on university property.

PS-03 Office of the Superintendent of Public Safety

Exercise of Extended Jurisdiction by Officers of the Indiana University Police Department

PS-PD-02-01 is the policy on the exercise of extended Jurisdiction by officers of the Indiana University Police Department

PS-PD-02-01 Public Safety & Institutional Assurance

IUPD Firearms

States IU’s philosophy on use, maintenance, and storage of IUPD-authorized firearms and sets expectations for officers regarding related requirements.

PS-PD-10-02 Office of Public Safety and Institutional Assurance

Police Vehicle Operation - Pursuit

States the University’s position on vehicular pursuits of suspects by Indiana University law enforcement officers and to establish guidelines for making decisions with regard to vehicular pursuit.

PS-PD-11-02 Office of Public Safety and Institutional Assurance

Oath of Office

Provides all sworn police officers of the IU Police Department with a standard Oath of Office.

PS-PD-01-02 Office of Public Safety and Institutional Assurance

Tobacco-Free Policy

Prohibits the use or sale of tobacco, tobacco products, or smoking related products on Indiana University property.

PS-04 Office of Public Safety and Institutional Assurance

Personal Protective Equipment

Outlines procedures for personal protective equipment that may be personal in nature.

PS-EHS-01 University Environmental Heath and Safety

Unmanned Aircraft (Drones and Model Aircraft)

Establishes procedures for the operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) on Indiana University Property and/or by university employees as a part of their employment or University activities.

PS-05 Office of Public Safety and Institutional Assurance
Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims (INLOCC)

Laboratory Safety

This policy and associated procedures set Indiana University’s expectations in the area of laboratory safety.

PS-EHS-02 University Environmental Heath and Safety

Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC)

All research projects involving biological agents or toxins are subject to review and approval by the institution prior to project initiation.

RP-11-006 Office of Research Compliance
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Title Number Responsible Office

Whistleblower Policy

Establishes and details the protection afforded to employees and members of the IU community who make good faith disclosures of suspected misconduct.

UA-04 Internal Audit
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University-Related Legal Entities

Title Number Responsible Office

University-Related Legal Entities

This policy provides a framework for guiding University employees and units in establishing and monitoring University-Related Entities.

UA-09 Office of the Vice President and General Counsel
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